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A teenager’s thoughts

Hey there!

My name is Lydia, and I am Evina’s elder daughter. This is my first attempt to share my feelings with you here in Cook & Feel.

During the last few weeks that all of us (I hope) stayed home in order to stay safe, I had the chance to throwback to various memories, old moments while digging up photos, greeting cards, paintings, children’s wishes buried in playful diaries, etc.

Somehow, I came across an article, that my mom wrote few years ago, when I was about to leave Primary school and continue my education path to high school. In that article, my mom shared her thoughts and fears about me growing up and about what new experiences this new level was about to bring.

Today, just before ending the 4th grade, I am here to share with you MY thoughts and experiences, accompanied by some easy-to-use tips, so that if you have teenagers around, have a look and keep calm. That way no one will be “hurt” J

High school is a very important stage in the life of a child, who starts growing into a teenager over time. For me, personally, before the school start, it was considered as a scary place to be where I was afraid that I would be bullied, or they will make fun of me, etc.

I am positive that parents, have the same or similar fears for their beloved kids. However, I can assure you that there is no reason for that kind of concerns. High school for me was a pleasant adventure. I met new friends, strengthened my relationships with the old ones, got good and bad grades in tests, participated in celebrations and school parties and had incredible moments to cherish. Sometimes I was happy, sometimes I was angry, sometimes I felt sad but all of these ups and downs are absolutely normal and human, especially for a teenager. None of my above mentioned worries ever became a reality and time moved on smoothly.

At this point, I want to stress the fact that in high school, children change, grow up, become independent, and mature. None of these, is bad. Don’t be afraid of the changes that are about to happen to your children. Let them feel comfortable with you so they can share their daily problems, their thoughts and anxieties. All they need is love, care and support in order to be confident that you are by their side. That’s just enough!

In conclusion, high school is a wonderful, special experience for all the kids that want to grasp the benefits out of it. Balanced children who know themselves where they stand and where they would like to be, do not have to try hard to impress and be liked. They enjoy beautiful moments with lots of friends. Of course, a prerequisite is that they get support from their close environment and that they are provided with small “freedoms” by their parents in order to feel responsible and accountable. That way, things will flow smoothly and none of the involved parties (parents and children) will face unpleasant, uncontrollable situations.

Parents relax! Everything will be fine. Listen to your children, be there for them and do not attack without reason. Sometimes your problems are enough to make you explode and most of the times your children are the “receivers” of this frustration. After all, sometimes teenagers are right. Remember that you used to be a teenager too, once upon a time, and you grew up. Times have certainly changed, but there are still the same rules and values that should be followed. Enjoy every moment of this process and remember: trust your children, and they will trust you back!


Written by Evina

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