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About me


Welcome to my blog www.cookandfeel.gr.

I am Evina, mother of two lovely daughters and I have spent the last twenty years in my kitchen as well as in various Greek and multinational companies as a marketer.

Since I was a little girl, I loved our kitchen and I wanted to spend most of my time in there, as I always believed that it is the warmest, yet the most dynamic room in our home. Besides, a large part of my childhood’s memories is closely related to it.

As a child, I also loved good food and I never hesitated to cook and try new flavors from all over the world. I still remember that from the children’s magazines I used to buy, I always kept the recipes which I still have and love.

Time went by and my career path have led me to the communications’ field where I have been working the last 20 years assuming managerial roles in large multinational and Greek companies.

However,  my passion for good food, cooking and sharing recipes remained strong all those years and I have decided to create www.cookandfeel.gr through which I communicate with friends all over the world. And we should never forget that all aspects of our lives are closely related with food as anything could be discussed, resolved and/or agreed upon around a table.