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A great dinner by Krokos Kozanis, the Greek saffron, PDO

A few days ago, a nice culinary and informative event was held at the BARABICU restaurant to promote Krokos Kozanis (Protected Designation of Origin), the Greek saffron. One of the most popular and valuable spices of international cuisine, “the red gold”, as it is often called.

The aim of this action was to inform leading chefs, nutritionists and media representatives about the use of this precious spice in cooking and the beneficial effects of its consumption on the human body.

The well known Chefs, Nana Gamboura and Rena of Ftelia presented their suggested recipes, a cool lemonade and a tasty orange pie (check orange pie recipe here) by highlighting the colors and the aromas of Krokos Kozanis, while the nutritionist Dimitris Grigorakis highlighted the benefits of consuming saffron, its antioxidant and anti-aging properties and its effective protection of our health.

Following the speakers’ intriguing thoughts at the nutritional and gastronomic level, we enjoyed a special dinner adapted to the occasion, with traditional Greek recipes that perfectly matched with this precious spice.


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