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A lovely grocery store in my neighborhood

It’s been almost thirty years since I graduated from High School and began my journey in adulthood. Luckily enough, social media had become a part of our daily routine so over the years we managed to stay connected with almost all schoolmates. Some of them still live here, some others moved abroad and others have been departed forever.

Two of my childhood friends, Lara (one of my two best friends in High School) and Nikos (brother of our classmate Vassilis), partners in life and at work, they have decided a few months ago to create their own business. They have opened a lovely grocery store in our neighborhood.

In that store you can find fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices that are supplied directly by Greek producers and selected products from all over Greece.

Fresh milk from Keratea, organic wine from Nemea, handmade bread sticks, various types of flour, juices, fresh eggs and many other products.

They are open daily from 08:00 to 21:00 and could also deliver the goodies for the busy ones.

If you live nearby, pay a visit. My friends will welcome you with a huge smile and I’m sure you will find something delicious to purchase.


«Ek Fyseos» 37 Diophantous Str., Polydroso, 151 25 Maroussi, Tel. 210 6854199

Written by Evina

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