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Fly with Emirates and enjoy gourmet dishes on board

Emirates is present in the Greek market for the last 23 years, offering its unique services to more than 2.4 million passengers. It is the first Company to connect Athens directly with Dubai, its starting point for its 21 destinations in the Far East.

Passengers departing to their dream destinations stop in Dubai for a brief acquaintance with Asian culture, through the unique gastronomic, world-class gourmet experiences that the city offers.

Emirates not only unites the passengers from Greece with the world, but also aims to offer unique experiences that satisfy them. Thus, from May 31 until September 30, 2019, passengers will be transported even more comfortable with the A380 aircraft, enjoying state-of-the-art services such as On Board Lounge and Shower Spa.

For Emirates, offering a five-star restaurant menu in flight and tipping over the food offered by other airlines is a non-negotiable commitment. The fact that cooking does not take place at 35,000 feet height makes it even harder to source top quality local ingredients and use special cooking techniques to prepare an excellent and enjoyable meal for its passengers. Thus, local inspired menus and unique gourmet dishes such as authentic Kaiseki cuisine, Bento box with Japanese utensils and Indian naan bread are offered as a small indication of the flavors of its Far East network.

Also, on all Emirates flights, passengers are served by its international crew, including Greek pilots and cabin members, while they also enjoy local inspired meals from award-winning chefs such as traditional appetizers with the freshest ingredients, accompanied by a wide list of free wines and beverages.

Written by Evina

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