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Summer holidays with your dog – A few tips

Family vacation with two dogs! Exhausting? Yes! Infeasible? No! Bring the dog(s) along and you will enjoy wonderful moments and create amazing memories!

This summer (as we usually do) we decided to have both our dogs along during our vacations. Darcy, our 8-years-old Maltese and Marco, our 6-months-old Golden Retriever.

Of course, we were quite for the outcome of this “project” especially bearing in mind that we would have a puppy along. How easy is it to manage one, let alone two dogs in an “external” environment? How willing are “others” to welcome our pets? What rights and obligations do you have as a dog owner in public places? These were only a few issues that we were thinking before starting our summer holidays.

Luckily, we are back safe and sane so I can now say that everything is possible when you are well-organized and positive-minded.

Here are some tips to make your vacation with your dog(s) carefree:

  • Always carry along your dog’s passport where it proves that is fully vaccinated, a guide leash, some water and dog poop bags.
  • On the beach, keep the dog tied up and make sure he/she does not disturb those around you in any way.
  • When making any reservation e.g. for sun beds or dinner, it would be useful to inform in advance about the presence of the dog, so that they place you in a suitable, spacey place for greater comfort for you and your dog.
  • Be sure to share the responsibility of the dog with your family members, so that everyone can enjoy a carefree vacation (i.e. younger children can offer water and food to the dog or take care of him, while older ones can walk the dog when required).
  • If you are traveling by boat and the trip is long, it would be good to ensure a pet friendly cabin. If this is not possible, make sure you find a comfortable place for you and your dog and have some training pads with you, in case the dog wants to pee.

Finally, you might face little “problems” any time, be patient and keep up your good mood. You will definitely have a marvelous time and have an unforgettable family vacation!


Written by Evina

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