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New Uncle Ben’s® rice products

Five new and exciting rice flavors are now available from Uncle Ben’s, and they promise easy, healthy and delicious meals every day!

Few days ago, in a special event organized by Uncle Ben’s Greece, Nikolas Sakellariou, executive chef, performed a live cooking show and prepared great, easy and healthy recipes using Uncle Ben’s new rice products as the basic ingredient.

The meal started with an omelet combined with Wholegrain rice & Quinoa and then the executive chef prepared an “au gratin” rice with mushrooms, using Rice Pilaf as a base.  Furthermore, a salad was prepared where the ‘Uncle Ben’s 5-Cereal Rice’ was blended with arugula, orange, avocado and feta cheese, while the main dish was ‘Uncle Ben’s Thai Rice’ served with shrimps, scrambled eggs and colored bell peppers. The most exquisite dish though was the dessert which was an alternative, aromatic rice pudding where wholegrain rice & quinoa was used, combined with orange zest and Greek honey,

Uncle Ben’s products, have a 60-year presence in the Greek market, and aim to help Greek audience to prepare and enjoy healthy meals with rice which is an essential ingredient in our dietary pyramid.

“Rice has a high nutritional value and can be used in many occasions and meals daily, either as a main course or as a side meal. Uncle Ben’s new products are ready in 2-3 minutes, contain only natural ingredients and offer a wide variety of flavors, making it even easier to create unusual recipes and combinations,” Despoina Retsa, Uncle Ben’s Brand Manager said.

The new rice products that are ready in 2 minutes can now be traced on the supermarkets’ shelves at 5 new flavors, ‘Rice with Mediterranean Vegetables’, ‘Wholegrain Rice with Quinoa’, ‘Rice with 5 Cereals’, ‘Thai Rice’ and ‘Rice Pilaf’. They are here to encourage us to love rice again and make our lives easier. So simple, so fast, so delicious!

Written by Evina

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